Maritime Museum

A proud and interesting marine history.

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Maritime Museum

Ladysmith has a proud and interesting marine history, and the Ladysmith Maritime Society (LMS) is committed to capturing and sharing that waterfront history with our communities on both sides of the harbour and with our visitors.

When LMS was established in 1985, one of its goals was to build a maritime museum. In 2007 that dream became a reality with our floating museum which shares our maritime history with authentic artifacts and nautical displays. We were honoured with a BC Heritage Award in 2008 and 2013. The Maritime Museum is located in a blue boat sheds on the main Visitor Dock.

Here you’ll find interesting displays of local maritime history, marine communication and safety, shipwright tools and the Rainbows’ Skiff dinghy.

Maritime Museum

We are fortunate to have two large marine radios made by Spilsbury & Tindall and Spilsbury & Hepburn. Another display shows two complete sets of shipwright tools and documents from Vancouver Island shipwrights Frederick Swift and Larry Chattel. Interesting old anchors, outboard motors, winches and other nautical artifacts bring back memories for visitors.

Maritime MuseumThe Rainbows’ 16-foot skiff dinghy, dating back to 1898, is showcased in the Museum. This beautifully built skiff dinghy may be the last vessel remaining from the transferral of the Royal Navy base in Esquimalt to the Dominion Government in 1905.

Venture inside an historical Captain’s Cabin, meticulously recreated by one of our invaluable & talented volunteers, complete with marine documents and books, writing desk and bed.

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