Owned and operated by the Ladysmith Maritime Society
a registered charity serving the Ladysmith community since 1985

MARINA OFFICE:  250-245-1146 or VHF 66A

Newsletters and Meeting Minutes


According to Bylaw 4.2, “Directors will be elected for 3 year terms, with one-third of the total number of directors being elected each year.”


  • Dan Lutz (President)
  • Peter MacHardy (Vice-President)
  • Alan Newell (Treasurer)
  • Marnie Craig (Secretary)
  • Ron Dale
  • Joe Friesenhan (Interim)
  • Bob Hogberg
  • R Jeff Reichert (Interim)
  • Art Rendell


  • Dan Lutz (President)
  • Peter MacHardy (Vice-President)
  • Alan Newell (Treasurer)
  • Janet Skinner (Secretary)
  • Marnie Craig (appointed)
  • Bob Hogberg (appointed)
  • Rod MacNeil
  • Art Rendell


  • Rod MacNeil (President)
  • Allan Gould (Vice-President)
  • Alan Newell (Treasurer)
  • Paul Nowlan (Secretary)
  • Gerry Beltgens
  • Dan Lutz
  • Art Rendell
  • Janet Skinner
  • Peter MacHardy

Minutes from meetings of the Board of Directors are approved at the following Board meeting to ensure accuracy and will be posted below following the meeting (and as made available to the webmaster).